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Nov 1 - VHHS Theater Carnival
Nov 2 - Daylight Saving Time Ends
Nov 3 - Land Use Committee Meeting
Nov 4 - Executive-Budget-Outreach Meeting

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Poll - Citywide Sidewalk Repair Sidewalk Repair Program

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Citywide Sidewalk Repair Sidewalk Repair Program

Clean Up & Beautification Committee
Community Clean Ups: As of today the CUB has held two productive Community Clean Ups. The first was Sept. 27 along a large area Foothill Blvd. with over 60 people contributing their valuable time, Read more
Letter to Mayor Garcetti
Back in 2010, the board of the Sunland Tujunga Neighborhood Council allocated $1,500 to institute a program, established by the L.A. City Charter for the Department of Animal Services, called the Reserve Animal Control Officers (RACO). Our funding went toward initiating a training program of volunteer Animal Control officers to assist the Department in investigating cases of animal abuse and neglect to improve the quality of life, health and safety for the animal population of L.A. and its citizens. Our board was enthusiastic about this program and wholeheartedly supported it. Read more
Sunland Tujunga continues to grow with great promise for an even brighter future. Some recent new news has to do with a “State of Sunland Tujunga” report put together by Public Affairs students at UCLA. The team will be at our STNC meeting on March 12 to present their findings. Read more

Click here to watch this video

Click here to watch this video

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