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Neighborhood Councils BUDGET DAY


Neighborhood Council Budget Day – July 30, 2016

Los Angeles City Hall, 200 N. Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012

PLENARY SESSION in the John Ferraro City Council Chambers

NOTE: The order of some speakers may be shuffled to accommodate previously scheduled obligations

7:30 am Registration and Breakfast 55 minutes

8:25 am Move to Council Chambers 5 minutes

8:30 am Welcome to City Hall by Terrence Gomes & Liz Amsden, Co?Chairs 3 minutes

(introduction of Board of Neighborhood Commissioners members, then Grayce Liu)

8:33 am Changes in DONE and how it affects the NCs by GM Grayce Liu 5 minutes

(introduction of Ron Galperin)

8:38 am Controller Ron Galperin – Fun with figures 15 minutes

8:53 am Introduction of City Council President Herb Wesson by Budget Advocate Jon Liberman 1 minute

8:55 am Keynote Speaker City Council President Herb Wesson 10 minutes

9:05 am Introductory remarks on the proposed City tax increases by Fanny Ortiz 2 minutes

9:08 am Why the City needs a half cent tax for LA Metro expansion by Pauletta Tonilas 10 minutes

9:18 am Should residents vote down this transit tax by CityWatch LA’s Jack Humphreville 10 minutes

9:28 am What benefits does the homeless bond get the City by Councilmember Jose Huizar’s

Policy Director Martin Schlageter 10 minutes

9:38 am Are there more effective ways to finance resolving LA’s homelessness crisis by concerned

Neighborhood Council board member and stakeholder Jay Handal 10 minutes

9:48 am Introduction of C.A.O. Miguel Santana by Budget Advocate Barbara Ringuette 1 minute

9:50 am C.A.O. Miguel Santana ? The Los Angeles City Budget – challenges for the future 15 minutes

10:05 am Self?introduction of 2015—2016 Budget Advocate Co?Chairs Terry Gomes/Liz Amsden 10 minutes

(What we did last year/what we hope to do this year)

10:15 am Introduction of Councilmember Paul Krekorian by Budget Advocate Jeanette Hopp 1 minute

10:17 am Councilmember Paul Krekorian, Chair of Budget & Finance – the City Budget 2016/17 5 minutes

10:22 am What being a Budget Advocate meant to me – come join us ? Danielle Sandoval 5 minutes

10:27 am Closing Remarks & Instructions – Glenn Bailey 3 minutes

10:30 am End of Plenary Session

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