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Council Woman Monica Rodriguez Presents Summer Movie Series
Ad Hoc Safe Street Survey

Upcoming Events
Aug 20 - STNC Land Use Committee Meeting
Aug 22 - STNC Beautification Committee Meeting
Aug 30 - STNC Emergency Preparedness Committee
Sep 12 - STNC General Board Meeting
Sep 17 - STNC Land Use Committee Meeting
Oct 1 - STNC Land Use Committee Meeting

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The Committees of the STNC allow stakeholders to help the Neighborhood in the area of work that they wish to participate. If you wish to volunteer your time and expertise, please contact the Chairman of that Committee.

The neighborhood can always use more people to step up and help; even for just a little bit. If everyone helps a little, as a group we can acheive a lot.

» General Board (Standing)

» Budget (standing)

» STNC Executive Committee (standing)

» Land Use Committee (Design Advisory Committee DAC) (standing)

» Outreach Committee (standing)

» Beautification Committee

» STNC STARC Arts, Recreation & Culture Committee (Standing)

» Youth Advisory Council

» Women Empowering Sunland-Tujunga (WEST)

» STNC Emergency Preparedness Committee (Standing)

» STNC Ad Safe Streets Meeting (Ad HOC)

» STNC Education Committee

» Animal Issues Committee

» Bylaws (ad hoc)

» City Budget Representatives

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